About me

Owner - CDO

Rich Walton


I’m a freelance designer and developer. I make digital things from ideas, products, and services. I’m passionate about bringing brands to life!

As a lifelong artist, I’m dedicated to finding and creating something where there was nothing! Problems, dead ends Ideas without a voice are just opportunities to make something new, better and brighter.
I started building digital products in the wild west days of the web back in the 1990’s and have seen a lot of change and I believe the best is yet to come. I was trained as an artist and designer making things look good and telling unique stories. I sleep in Tucson, Arizona, but my imagination is always on the move.

What I believe:

  • You should be genuine and honest.
  • When you help someone, the helper benefits the most.
  • In the golden rule “do unto others as you would have done to you”.
  • You should try to give more than you get.
  • If it feels wrong it probably is.
  • When you feel lost you are just facing the wrong direction.
  • If you act on intelligent passion, money or value will follow.
  • That creativity is just making room for abundance.

The different hats I wear;

  • Graphic Designer
  • WordPress Developer
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Branding Specialist
  • Logo Designer
  • Creative Strategist
  • Problem solver
  • Mobile Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Digital Marketer
  • CDO-Chief Dream Officer

Now that you know a little about me, I really want to know what your problems are and how we can fix or transform them into abundance.
I'm currently looking for the right challenges. Send me a brief email below, or go to my contact page and tell me something about your needs.

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